What are repeat prescriptions?

Repeat prescriptions are those medicines you receive on a regular basis, usually for a long-term condition, without having to go and see your GP every time you need them.

What has changed?

From 1 September 2020 you (or a person you have nominated) have to order your repeat prescriptions directly from Beacon Medical. 

You can no longer order your repeat prescriptions through a pharmacy, an online pharmacy or other dispensing contractor.

What has not changed?

If you already order your repeat prescriptions directly from Beacon Medical you will not be affected and don’t need to do anything.

If you used to collect your medicine from your local pharmacy, or had arrangements in place to have it delivered to your home, then speak to your pharmacy to continue these arrangements.  However, you will need to place the order with Beacon Medical.

If you receive your medication through a monitored dosage system, for example a dosette box or a blister pack, this change will not affect you.

What do patients need to do?

Please ensure you have set up an alternative way of ordering your repeat medication.  The best way is to register to use our online services - see below.

If you used to order your repeat prescriptions from a pharmacy you will have to order from Beacon Medical instead.  You can do this in a number of ways:

Online via this website – you will need to register for our online services (SystmOnline).  Click here to do this online or call into the practice with some photographic identification and a receptionist will register you. 

If you are already registered to use our online services, click here to go to the prescription ordering page.

Online via the NHS app – you will need to download the NHS app to your smartphone or tablet from iTunes App Store or Google Play.  More information on how to download and register for the NHS app is available here.

In person at the surgery –  simply tick the medicines you need on the white, tear-off section of their prescription and drop it into Beacon Medical.  Please note this option is not available during the lockdown.

In writing to the surgery – simply tick the medicines you need on the white, tear-off section of their prescription and post it into Beacon Medical.

Why is it changing?

This change is happening across the whole of North and North East Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire and Hull.

These changes will help to address safety issues. Under the old system, some patients found that they began to build up a stock of unused medicines that had to be stored safely and used within a certain date.

The new system will help Beacon Medical to better check and monitor the medicines you do and do not use. This will help when discussing and choosing the right medicines for you during your medication review.

In addition, the new way of working will make the re-ordering of your prescribed medicines simpler for you and your GP and help give you a better understanding of your medicines and why you are taking them.

NHS resources are precious and these changes will help to reduce medicines waste (stocks of unused medicine) paid for by the NHS.  By working together we estimate we can save, locally around £2m* each year. We can spend this money on improving local health and care services for local people.

What if I’m worried about not being able to manage this change?

If you are unable to order your own medicines, could a relative or carer do this on your behalf?

If this is not possible then please speak to a member of our staff or your local pharmacy who will be able to help you.

For more information, please read this information leaflet.

Published: Mar 5, 2020

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